Wednesday, April 25, 2012

7X7 Blog Awards

7×7 Blog Award

Better late than never.... I hope!  The last 3 months have been very busy but I am getting back in the groove!

Blogging is like a community. A strange community you might not want to be stranded in at 3am, but a community nonetheless. Get out there, explore some blogs, and enjoy what you might discover.
1. Thank the person who nominated you:
I am absolutely amazed that I was nominated by two of my favorite bloggers for the 7X7 Award.  I have to give a thank you to Jennifer: Mommyhuh. I absolutely love how frank and open Jennifer is.  She helps me to shake off my shyness and share more of who I am.  She always has something funny and true to share that resonates with my life!

And to Lauren at Our Hiding Place.  I can't describe the inspiration I get from Lauren!  The beauty and excitement for life that she shows and shares is amazing.   I aspire to take my creativity and combine it with her passion and know how!

You will be blessed by both of these amazing blogging women, just as I am!
2. Share 7 things about yourself:
I love God so much that I make it a point to spend time with him every day.  Even if it is just a few moments while I am scrubbing pots and pans.
I am a full blown crazy red head.
I love people, yet love being in the comfort of my home more days than not.
I am a Sci-Fi lover.  I can't get enough of the fascinating world that lurks in our minds and myths.  My husband is often shocked by the movies and shows I love that he thought only he would want to watch in our home!
I am a sucker for any flower you put in front of me. (Casablanca Lilies always win though.)
Even as a red head, I wear pink proudly.  
If I get the craving, I will drink a little of the green olive juice if I run out of olives just to get my "fix." :)
3. Share 7 blog posts that fit the following categories:
Most Beautiful: Joyful Friday Vol 2 - O Praise Him: It is beautiful because it lifts the name of my Savior and tells the story of how He has blessed us.  It tells the story of how He wants to bless all of us.  
Most Helpful: Scrubbing with a Smile: We all have things in our lives we don't like doing.  Having a perspective of gratefulness takes the bitterness out of scrubbing toilets.
Most Popular: Unfailing Love:  There are not many words that can describe God's Unfailing Love.  But there are endless hearts crying out for it.
Most Controversial:  Speaking in Tongues - I know this was the most controversial because no one commented on it! I know from my own feelings in the past this is one that will forever put people at arms length.  But it is something that I believe strongly in and love to share the joy with anyone that is interested.
Most Surprisingly Successful: Favorite Feel Good Food: I received an amazing amount of page views on this post.  I think this time of year a good, simple homemade turkey broth speaks to the souls and cold feet of cold people everywhere!  I am grateful I figured out how to do it, share it and will need it soon!
Most Underrated: See Below:  I am making my first post worth two on this list because, I underrated it and at the same time it is my most pride worthy!
Most Pride Worthy:  Abundant Mercies: This is my first post on my blog.  It is pride worthy because I finally listened.  I finally opened up.  I finally stepped out and shared.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers:

Nikki from Simply Striving - Nikki always brightens my day and has something powerful and meaningful to say.

Charina from Pondered Thoughts - Her blog is just how she describes it - Inspiring, uplifting, honest reflections.

Paula from Grow Where You're Planted - Always encouraging and full of faith and love!

Katherine from Katherines Corner - She is such a sweet woman with many beautiful things that she shares!

Barbie from My Freshly Brewed Life - Her blog is full of love and valuable knowledge and wisdom!  

Debbie from Deb's One Life - A beautiful child of God that is sharing her love in the mission field as well as in her blog!

Lindy from Who I am - I love her crochet work and her blog!  She encourages me to be a better wife, mom and home keeper!

If you were nominated, please pass along on your blog and do the same (if you choose) so that others can see the great things that you do and discover some other blogs that you recommend.
 In no particular order… (and 7 is just not a fair number to include every deserving blog)

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  1. Clearly I am WAY behind in my blog reading--I'm just seeing this!
    loved getting to know you more and congrats on being nominated by two people no less--you deserve it :)
    and I'm blown away you'd think of me, friend. thank you.
    May you delight in Him this weekend! trust you feel settled into your new home!


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