Monday, April 9, 2012

How God listens and moves

On this special day, I prayed a prayer on the way to our new church.  It is a long drive but worth every second we spend in our new church home. 

I struggled finding our new church after the awesome one we left.  However, in Gods time... we found the new home He had for us. 

This prayer I prayed was very specific and heartfelt. For revelation regarding the authority that Jesus died to give us.  The authority that His victory gives us.  The authority we have over the enemy through our King of Kings. 

After the awesome worship service and before the amazing childrens program, our new pastor spoke of the very thing I prayed for.  This beautiful, humble, sweet man truly is in tune with the Holy Spirit.  I am so blessed.  We are all so blessed.  I cannot tell you all he said today.  I could not give it justice.

What I can say, with confidence and gratitude, is that Jesus died for our sins.  And He rose from the grave, conquered it to give us victory and authority over the enemy.  Death, sin, sickness, disease, addiction, etc.  You don't need me to give it a name.  You already have the list. 

Now, all we need to grasp is that that list is ashes in the wind.  Jesus Christ is our King of Kings.  The Alpha and Omega.  The Beginning and The End.  Our Victorious Savior.  As the devil is under His feet, so he is under ours.  We have authority, now we just need to embrace that authority.

Take hold of the victory that Jesus gave each of us, put on your combat boots and show the devil who the boss is.  The devil and his minions have no authority in your life.  They are defeated already, all you have to do is remind them in the name of Jesus and they will flea faster than you can spell Victory!

Thank you, my sweet, loving and perfect Jesus.  I love you and I love all of yours.  I melt at the thought of Your Love!

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  1. Jamie, what a beautiful post! Thank you for this my friend :)


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