Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Taste of Heaven

Gods Glory Manifested Around Me

On the way to church last Sunday I noticed a small gravel road with a sign that announces "Stillhouse Hollow Falls State Natural Area."

Well, lets just say I mentioned it in an excited way to my husband.  Then let it go.  We had places to go, you know.

On the way home from church and lunch, my very loving hubby slows down and points at the sign.  I nod and smile.  He makes a U turn and we pull into the small gravel road/parking lot off the highway and park.  He reminds me that our daughter and I are not dressed for the occasion.  I remind him that we are tougher than we look and clothes are made to be worn and worn out.  Then we take a look at the posted map of the journey to the waterfall.  It's not paved and absolutely not level.  Our daughter is in very cute high top boots that match her skirt. (Thank you, Nana!)  Perfect for a pink unicorn loving tomboy!  I am in a long skirt and flip flops.  Not conventional hiking attire.   I remind him that many women survived in dresses for years before the feminist movement gave us pants.  

And a beautiful journey began!  We made it in one peace and fell in love.  So we decided to come back the following Saturday dressed properly and with water and bug spray. (the tics are crazy this year and I am tired of them.)

The first, smaller, waterfall.

I was taken back by the beauty last weekend.  I was speechless this time.  The second time back, with boots and other nice amenities allowed me the opportunity to pay attention to much more than my feet.  I took so many pictures my battery almost died.  

I know no other way to describe this place.  We were surrounded and engulfed by Gods Glory manifested around us.  It was overwhelming, fascinating and humbling. 

Because I cannot, in my own mind, fathom words to describe the absolute majesty in this small fragment of Gods amazing creation, I made a video that contains just some of the pictures I took and a song that really says it all.  This is my very first video!  I pray that you will be able to see and feel the Glory that permeates all of creation!

Have you found any amazing spots close to home that you love to visit?  I would love to hear about them!

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