Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Am

Since news of our move I have been spending considerably less time on the computer, whether it be on the pc, netbook or phone.  And I have been loving it!  The last couple of months, I have rediscovered life without the internet.  To my readers - I cannot apologize.  I did not have anything to say that would improve your day.  God's word rules.

I will not lie.  I still use the internet, I still need my navigation, pay my bills, post to Facebook on occasion and check my feed on some days.  But I have put my main focus on the beautiful world around me; the family,  home and the fascinating wonders around me that God has so abundandtly blessed me with.  My cup over flows.  

I am continually grateful for the blessings God has given us.  I watch, in awe, the life that springs and grows in the view of our world.  Being in Florida so long, I had forgotten what Spring looks like.  Even when I lived up north I think I was so busy living my life that I did not pay attention to the complete wonder that was unfolding in front of me.

And then, I open my mouth.  Not with my words.

This beautiful weekend.  This weekend that reminds me of the incredible, intense, dumbfounding sacrifice that Jesus Christ poured out for us..... I am overwhelmed. 

Growing up, I did not understand what Easter was all about.  No one in my memory broke it down; explained it. 

Now I understand.  Call it revelation, eye opening, or heart breaking.  I now get it.  God loves me so much that He sacrificed something more than I could fathom.  He sacrificed His one and only son.  Himself.  He lived the same life I live.  He fought the same demons I fight.  He loved the same enemies I meet each day.  He survived the same pain I survived.  He is I Am.  He was I Am and He will always be I Am.

He died the death I deserve.

What He did that I did not and could not... He rose victorious. 

For me to have salvation. To have Peace, forever.  To have Joy, forever.  To live with Him, forever.  To Share, with everyone.

He Loves You!  He Loves You!  He Loves You!

God is no respecter of persons.  He loves all of us.  He loves us all equally and fully and completely and with all that He is.  And He is Everything.  He is Good.  He is Wonderful.  He is Powerful.  He is I Am.


  1. Oh Jamie, this is beautiful. Just beautiful! Thank you so much for this. Goodluck with the move!

  2. Thank you, Charina! The move went very well and we got moved and settled in faster than I expected! One more reason to know that this whole move was from God! I am sad to not have as much time to spend reading all of the wonderful things that you and my other favorite bloggers have to say right now. But I know that my time is well spent giving more time to Gods word and the priorities He has given me right now. I pray you have had a wonderful weekend remembering the wonderful and amazing gift that was given to us all!

    Bless you!



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