So You're a Mess, Too?

Below is something I wrote a while ago and is intended for anyone - born again or not.  As I type it out I pray that you will find peace in these words and your way back home.

No matter where you are, what you are doing, or how far you think you are from God - Stop and turn around.  He is right there behind you with his arms open and full of love and grace.  Just let go and run into his arms.  There is no need to change yourself or your lifestyle before going to Him.  He is the one that changes, cleanses.  Not man himself.  With Jesus in your heart your life will change in many ways.  

Do not waste one more hour of your life without the peace, love and salvation that Jesus suffered, died and rose victoriously for you to have.  God loves you.  You personally - wholly, truly, unconditionally, with an understanding of who you are beyond all you could imagine.  

Cry out to God and He will fill you with a joy and peace that surpasses any high you have ever felt.  Cry out to Him and be set free.  Live in victory through the powerful and loving Jesus Christ!

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