Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to do now

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with a tornado of "to-do's" going round and round in your head?  I do... often.  Sometimes it is just the daily stuff around the house or a looming bill and then other times I feel plagued that I am not doing enough for God or to further his kingdom.  

After reading John 6:28-29 I took a deep breath, calmly thought about it and then let out a huge sigh of relief along with a song of praise!  

John 6:28-29 in the Amplified Bible reads "28They then said, What are we to do, that we may [habitually] be working the works of God? [What are we to do to carry out what God requires?]
    29Jesus replied, This is the work (service) that God asks of you: that you believe in the One Whom He has sent [that you cleave to, trust, rely on, and have faith in His Messenger]."

I don't take it to mean that I am not supposed to preach the good news or clean my kitchen.  However, it is such a relief to know that the act of believing in Jesus, cleaving to him, relying on him is a service to God in itself.  I can do that!  I do that!  So, now I go from self condemnation to peace and relief.  I count that as a good day!

The next time you wake up in the wee hours and feel that boulder on your chest and the buzz in your mind... remember to cleave to, trust, rely on and have faith in the One Whom He has sent... our beautiful, powerful and victorious Jesus Christ!  

Selah. (Pause, and calmly think about that.)


  1. This is sound advice. I'm apt to panicking, and taking a deep breath always helps.

  2. Thank you Melanie! For a long time this was a daily problem for me. Over time it has gone to once or twice a week and this really helped me!


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