Friday, February 10, 2012

I am a Spiritual Pre-Teen

I am 35 years old, but when I am at church, I feel 12.  Why is that, you ask?  Because I am a spiritual pre-teen.

I do not know what the "church face" should look like.  I try to make it and it feels like a day old clay mask.

I let my joy and passion shine through but feel like the only one that is singing or raising my hand to our Awesome God and Might Savior.

I do not know if I can tell you the facts of my life and still be welcome here.

I love God.  I am learning to love my self.

I want to do right.  My body disagrees often.  God forgives me then shows me the right way.

Many of the "vocabulary" words make me feel as if I missed a semester or two.

Your words say you care, yet your face says "I am late for lunch."  

I want to be an individual but I want to fit in.

I want you to be happy that God saved my life.  I am happy He saved yours so you could be here today.

Are you a spiritual pre-teen?  If not, do you know one?  If you do, love them, accept them and guide them.  Show them the "secret handshake," don't just walk away wondering how they don't know it yet.

If you don't, pay attention.  We are everywhere.  We are looking for you.  To love, and to love us.  To share our joy and passion.  And to share yours.  To learn from you and to grow with you.


  1. I understand what you are saying!! I realize how little I know..and the more I learn the more I love my faith and realize how little I know!!!! is up to each one of us to learn for ourselves...He just waits.

    1. So true... I love that He teaches us in small lessons as we are ready that build up over time!

  2. Beautiful post Jamie! God loves us and is waiting and seeking, we just have to do our own seeking and learning. Blessings!

    1. Thank you, Charina! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!


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