Monday, May 14, 2012

Yarn Lovin' - Making Lemonade from Lemons

The past week has been, well, lets just say unpleasant and unproductive.  Between Tuesday and Thursday we all came down with a nasty virus.  By far the most debilitating virus our family has had in our history.  So once I got past the I can't move or think part, I still could not move around much but my mind was going all over the place.  I decided to take advantage of this time to work on my passion for crochet!  I am happy to say that this virus has been returned to the fiery pit that it came from and we are all feeling (almost) back to normal!

So today, I am going to share the fruits of my "labor" from this past week - my Lemonade made from some very sour lemons!

This is the One Big Granny Square Afghan that I am making for my daughter.  I started it before this week but have almost completed it in the last few days!

I have recently discovered the satisfaction of small crochet projects. They use small amounts of yarn and are completed quickly. So I can feel good about accomplishing something! :) If you have read my past posts on my ability to complete projects, you will know this is a big deal!

This is a vertical stripe coffee cozy pattern that I found at "Lucy 'In the sky!"  She has a wonderful blog with a ton of great patterns and ideas!  I did not follow the pattern completely since I was going by memory at the time but you can find it in the link above, along with another very cute one!

This is a can cozy that is an adaptation from a basic cozy pattern I found.  I added the decorative stitching and thought the glitter yarn would add some pizazz! :)

I am having so much fun and so many great ideas that I am considering opening an Etsy store with completed projects and patterns.  If any of you lovely crafters have one (or have tried it) and have any advice or thoughts for me, I would greatly appreciate them!

Happy crafting and blessings for everyone!

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  1. Thanks very much for the mention Jamie, I am glad you like the patterns. I hope your family and yourself are well and truly on the mend... :) x

    1. It is my pleasure! I love your blog and appreciate you sharing so much with us! We are doing wonderful today. Eating solid food and all! :D Thank you for you well wishes!

  2. You were able to make a cozy from memory? I'm impressed! It's super cute.

    1. Hi Melanie! I am horrible at following patterns. It took me a long time to be able to read and understand the "language" so I learned to go by the pics and what I could glean from a pattern. I can read them much better now! After my attempt at making Christmas Stockings I discovered that the pattern is very valuable! :D Thank you for stopping by!


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